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Polycom HDX 7000

Support 4 Sites - Multipoint with SD , Dual Screen , Content Sharing , Dual Microphone Array
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  • หมวดหมู่ : ระบบประชุมผ่านจอภาพ (Video Conference)
  • รหัสสินค้า : 000014

รายละเอียดสินค้า Polycom HDX 7000

Polycom HDX 7000 Series

Features and Benefits

High Definition Quality for the Standard Conference Room



Polycom 22 kHz StereoSurround™

  • 2 channels of 22 kHz crystal clear audio

  • Superb clarity to hear the subtleties of every word

  • Easily decipher multiple, simultaneous conversations

  • Distinguish which side of the room people are talking from, just like in a real meeting

Audio Error Concealment

  • Eliminates audio drop-outs on noisy networks

  • Smooth, consistent verbal communications without interruptions

  • Corrects audio from any system seamlessly

  • Activates automatically, only when needed

Multiple Audio Inputs

  • Audio inputs for Polycom digital microphone arrays (max. 2), an aux input, PC input and VCR/DVD input


True High Definition Video

  • Natural high definition during video call and superb video at any data rate

  • Reduce the technology barriers by seeing people and content in HD resolution

  • 720p (1- 2 Mbps on 7002)

  • 4CIF/4SIF (256–1 Mbps on HDX 7002, up to 2 Mbps on 7001)

Polycom EagleEye HD Camera&153;

  • 16:9 aspect ratio

  • 72 degree field of view

  • 270+ degree panning radius

Lost Packet Recover (LPR)

  • Communications remain intact even on disruptive networks

  • Smooth, continuous video without interruptions

  • Maintain active face-to-face contact

  • Accomplish meeting objectives without worrying about the video integrity of public or private networks

  • Activates automatically and only when needed

Dual Monitor Emulation

  • Most efficient use of a single display

  • View near and far video windows at the same time

  • Alternate layout views supporting near end, far end and content in native aspect ratio and resolutions

DVD/VCR Connection

  • Easily play DVD/VCR movies/images during a video conference

  • Adds another dimension to the conference, making it like "being there"

  • By setting it to "content" input see both the speaker and the DVD/VCR image

Additional HD Capable Video Source

  • DVI-I input allows for additional HD video input from a PC or other optional device such as a document camera.

Content Sharing

People+Content&153”, H.239

  • People and Content both shared in High Definition

  • Polycom People+Content or standards based H.239 ensures fully interoperability

  • Dual images allows far end to see presentation and speaker at the same time

  • One touch sharing directly from keypad

  • People+Content Receive (included)

  • People+Content Send (optional)

Adjustable Bandwidth for Content

  • Flexibility to choose the amount of bandwidth to dedicate to Content or People based upon what is being shown

  • Options include 90% Content/ 10% People; 50% Content/ 50% People; 10% Content/ 90% People

  • System will automatically adjust bandwidth allocation up to the percent selected when sharing content

  • Very powerful for users who share a wide range of content during a video call

  • User adjustable setting can be accessed both during a call and outside of a call

User Interface

User Selectable Camera Icons

  • Use icons that represent your industry

  • Intuitive icons match the input device

  • Custom name gives the icon clear meaning

  • Selection — 5 libraries to choose from

  • Decreases learning curve

Polycom HDX 7000 back panel illustration.

Platform Versatility

Internal Multipoint Software

  • Optional upgrade easily done with a software key

  • Conduct meetings beyond just point-to-point

  • Increase productivity by including key people on the call

  • Adding sites during a call can lead to quick decision making

  • Supports up to 4 video sites in a single conference

Secure FTP, Telnet and Web

  • Polycom video systems are the most secure video conferencing solutions in the industry

  • All access to the HDX system can be secured including accessing the HDX system via web-browser as well as secure telnet and ftp access via SSH for secure system administration and application connectivity

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

  • Communications are confidential and secure

  • Authentication by the National Institutes of Standards means it's credible

  • Built-in, no extra hardware required

H.460 NAT/Firewall Traversal

  • Standards compliance for traversing NATs and Firewalls

  • Session border controller (V2IU) is only needed at the central location and all VSX systems with H.460 can communicate through the single V2IU

  • Uses H.460.18 for signaling traversal and call establishment and H.460.19 for media traversal

IP (H.323, SIP), ISDN or Serial Connectivity

  • IP is standard and you choose the H.320 interface best for your application

  • Choose the right option for your specific network connection

  • Supports UPnP and NAT for automatic setup of conferences conducted through firewalls

  • Wide range of IP QoS services to insure call quality and integrity

  • Optional H.320 interfaces include Quad BRI, PRI, or serial (V.35, RS-449 and RS-530)


Part of Polycom's Unified Collaborative Communications

  • RMX Click & View&153” offers a variety of layout templates for multipoint call right from the system's handheld remote

  • Play, stop, record, rewind and fast forward video recordings with the RSS 2000 using the HDX remote control

  • Expand the audience over audio and video with an RMX&153’ bridge

  • Extended conferencing with Polycom PathNavigator&153”

  • Schedule, invite participants and manage conferences easily with Polycom Conference Suite

  • Video recording, streaming and archiving with the Polycom RSS 2000&153”

  • Use the Polycom SE200 for management, scheduling and gatekeeping


  • Solid, reliable platform

  • Qualified by independent test labs

  • Interoperates with other standards-based systems in the industry

  • Easy to install even in a multi-vendor environment

Basic Mode

  • Set your system to basic mode for interoperability with legacy video conferencing systems using H.261 and G.711, Accessible via web, FTP or on-screen UI for easy access by the network administrator

  • Can be turned on and off as needed

Technical Documentation

Award Winning Documentation

  • Administrators Guide, Getting Started (User's) Guide, Set up guide and Quick Tips available in most supported languages

  • Searchable PDFs with colorful illustrations available at www.polycom.com/videodocumentation

Setup Sheets

  • Easy-to-follow graphical instructions for setting up the system and peripherals

  • Illustrations show both minimal and optional system configurations

  • Shipped with the system for easy access

Administrator's Guide

  • Comprehensive information for configuring system, including an explanation of each administrator setting

  • Descriptions of system features and capabilities

  • Back panel diagrams of all systems with explanations of each connector

  • Instructions for using the web interface

User Documents

  • Quick Tips one-page document provides quick and easy reference for video conferencing tasks

  • User's Guide covers everything you need to know about using the system in a video conference

  • Customizable (available in MS Word&153” User's Guide allows you to include your help desk information specific to your environment

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